Leader:  Hazelstar - Hazel She-cat with Green-Amber eyes and white fur covering her body, except her tail, back, and head.

Deputy: Dawntail - Cream Tabby She-cat with Green eyes

Medicine Cat: Adderweed - Black Tom with gray spots and a white underbelly and paws. 

Apprentice, Mistlepaw 


Sunfire - Russet-furred She-cat with a yellow Cream second coat on her underbelly and green eyes.

Mousetalon - Gray Solid tom with small brown specks and Amber eyes.

Vixenfrost - White Tom with Amber eyes and brown spots and tabby stripes on the spots.

Grayspots - Gray Tom with Black swirl stripes and Amber eyes.

Stormlight - A black and gray tom with Amber eyes.

Sunnydapple - Gray she-cat with small dark stripes on her legs, face, and tail. And black stripes on her back.

Creekflight - Brown tabby tom with a white tail and underbelly.

Apprentice, Halfpaw

Mothbush - Fluffy Blue-gray she-cat with dark swirls and a bushy tail.

Dashrunner - Black tom with long legs and Yellow eyes.

Apprentice, Barkpaw

Woolyleap - Curly furred White She-cat with a gray face, tail, and paws.

Rainstem - Cream tabby tom with darker markings on his legs, tail, ears, and face


Mistlepaw - Silver She-cat with Amber eyes.

Halfpaw - A calico she-cat, with half of her face being black fur with a green eye and the right side Orange with blue eyes.

Barkpaw - A light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.


Lilydawn - Gray and white tabby she-cat with Yellow eyes. Expecting Grayspots kits.

Maplestone - A dark brown tabby she-cat with black ears and paws. Expecting Vixenfrost's kits.

Cloudwing - Brown She-cat with black stripes and a white underbelly, paws, and tail tip, she has green eyes. Mother to Mousetalon's kits

Kits: Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed


Unnamed Kit - Brown Tom kit with black stripes and a white underbelly, snout, and chest.

Unnamed Kit - Light Brown tabby Tom kit with white spots around his entire under-body.

Unnamed Kit - Gray tabby She-kit with small brown specks and white fur on her chest and snout.


Speckledfur - Calico She-cat with green eyes.

Foxscar - A black and white Tom who is covered in injuries from a fox fight.


Leader: Glowstar - Solid Black She-cat with glowing Green eyes

Deputy: Cloudpine  - Fluffy Gray Tabby Tom

Medicine Cat: Darkshine - Black furred Tom with Gray and white patches

Apprentice, Kestrelpaw


Whiskerwillow - A white she-cat with Green eyes.

Apprentice, Redpaw

Mudpelt - Brown Tabby Tom with Blue eyes

Ivysnow- Gray Tabby she-cat with Amber eyes

Hollowstream - Dark Grey-brown tom with blue eyes

Apprentice, Emberpaw

Bristlefog - Grey-Brown Tom with black stripes and fluffy ruffled fur.

Apprentice, Thornpaw


Redpaw - Ginger Tabby She-cat

Kestrelpaw - Brown Tabby Tom with Green eyes

Thornpaw - Brown she-cat with Green eyes

Emberpaw - Dark Grey Tabby Tom with Amber eyes


Reedcloud - Golden Brown Tabby She-cat with Green eyes. Mother of Bristlefog's kits.

  Kits: Finkit, Hopkit


Finkit - Grey Tabby Tom kit with small white patches

Hopkit - Golden Tabby Tom kit


Leader: Berrystar - Gray She-cat with black spots and blue eyes

Deputy: Heronstorm - White Tom with Black fur and Blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Parsleyflame - Ginger Tabby She-cat


Thistletuft - Fluffy Brown and white tom with light Amber eyes 

Apprentice, Breezepaw

Fallowsting - Brown-Ginger Tom with Yellow eyes

Apprentice, Stumpypaw

Brackenwillow - Black and Brown Tom 

Apprentice, Russetpaw 

Vinestalk- Pale she-cat with light brown eyes

Buzzardstalker - Messy furred Gray Tom


Stumpypaw - Small Brown Solid Tom with naturally born short tail and Amber eyes

Russetpaw - Light Ginger Tom with Dark Amber eyes

Breezepaw - Black Orange and White Tortoiseshell She-cat with Green eyes


Plumbee - Black and Gray She-cat with Green eyes. Mother to Heronstorm's kits

Kits; Dovekit, Smokekit

Redtuft - Ginger She-cat with Yellow eyes. Expecting Brackenwillow's kits.


Dovekit - Fluffy Gray tom kit with Amber eyes

Smokekit - Black tom kit with smokey gray mane

Elder - Acornblaze - Old Black Tom who has a paralyzed shoulder and leg.


Leader: Dripplestar - Gray-Blue Tom

Deputy: Amberlight - Sleek Brown-Black and white She-cat with Amber eyes

Apprentice, Swiftpaw

Medicine Cat: Pepperspots - Sleek Pretty Gray She-cat with black flecks 

Apprentice, Sunpaw


Spikebranch - Sleek and Small Light brown tom

Apprentice, Graypaw

Gooserunner - Gray and White Tom

Shrewpatch - Brown-Grey Solid tom with hazel patches and Amber eyes. He has a small broad flattened face and snout.

Whorlwhisker- Tall Sleek Gray Tabby she-cat with darker swirls on her body and large blue eyes. 


Sunpaw - Dark Cream tabby tom

Graypaw - Light Gray she-cat

Swiftpaw - Hazel Tabby Tom with a Cream underbelly.

Cats outside the Clan

Aimee - Messy White-furred she-cat with light gray fur on her face, ears, tail, and legs. Mother to Mystique.

Mystique - A Silver-White Fluffy She-cat with a big fluffy gray tail. Daughter to Aimee.

Brackenspeck - A Hazel, brown-speckled Tom cat with Amber eyes

Copperpool - Dark Ginger Tabby She-cat with Green eyes.

Mitchell - Fluffy plump Chocolate tabby Tom with Amber-Hazel eyes and a white chest, a kittypet 

Kylie - Brown tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes, a kittypet

Milo - A large muscled black tabby Tom covered in stripes and white patches, a kittypet.